Willowbrae Melton Reviews and Testimonials

“We appreciate your care and the joy you bring to Residents. Everyone is always so helpful and take the time to talk to Residents and families who visit. Thank you all.”

- Family of George.

“There is a warm feeling from the moment you walk in the door. I never thought Mum would settle, but Willowbrae Melton have proved me wrong. I can feel the caring and love the Residents receive from all staff as soon as I walk in the door.”

- Family of Fran.

“The staff provide the best care I have ever received and make me feel alive.”

- Joyce (Resident).

“The staff at Willowbrae Melton make me feel loved and special”.

- Patty (Resident).

“A very big thankyou to the staff at Willowbrae Melton for your courtesy, consideration, attentiveness, respect, energy and enjoying your work”.

- Brenda & Family.

“All the beautiful nurses who care for Jock & Betty have made their transition to aged care such an easy experience. They feel very well cared for.”

- Family of Jock & Betty.

“On behalf of Mum, I would like to say the staff at Willowbrae Melton are absolutely fabulous in everything that you do for mum.”

- Family of Valda.

“If you want anything done the staff are always there for me”

- Pat (Resident).

“I believe the staff at Willowbrae Melton do a wonderful job and deserve all the credit. The staff provide me with a lot of companionship and they all make a difference to my day”

- Shirley (Resident).

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